Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eric Cantor Loses Primary?

RIP Eric, predictions of the Tea Party's demise may have been premature…

Dave Brat for Congress (the site is currently overwhelmed)
Smitty: Cantor Canned
Mickey Kantor on Cantor (this is about consultants taking Mark Zuckerberg's money over a dead issue)
Wombat's Live at Five : Cantor Crushed
AoSHQ’s DrewM: Cantor vs. Cochran (not much difference)


  1. The Shot Heard 'Round the Beltway.

    (sad part is, there was a time I thought highly of Cantor; he did this to himself)

  2. Love that first pic!

    As for the last one, they look like a Stepford family. Still, better than the reptilian in human skin they'll (likely) be replacing.

  3. I'm sorry that the nearly only budget conscious Congressman was defeated, but I am encouraged by the implication of the event....an awakening? Perhaps?

    I've posted a few times about my affection for the Mexican community near me and where I worship. I see potential in their future...hard workers, all. Like we once were ourselves. I do not understand how no immigration law enforcement is good for them or for me. I am thick on stuff like that at times.

  4. Another thing...is this a clarion call to remind us that Congress is not a career? Or shouldn't be?

    I will say, based upon direct personal experience with bureaucracy, that a time for change has long ago arrived. We may just have time to save ourselves. Cantor wasn't the problem, but the idea his defeat is shocking is illuminating. Congress is NOT a career...or should not be. My own Congressman has been there since 1950 something...WTF? Now his wife thinks she can take his place?

    Does this never end?...where I live if your name is Irish, actually shanty Irish, you can get elected repreatedly.

    1. I like the fear of losing being put into these guys--if it is only for a day or two (unfortunately like a philandering husband who almost got caught, the GOP will soon be back to business as usual). Of course Lindsay Graham got the fear early, but rather than change his behavior or policies, he just managed to out maneuver his opponents. Machiavellian skills alone does not make a great "prince."


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