Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chris McDaniel shoots up 8 points over Thad Cochran in Mississippi

I am not sure that recent speech by Thad Cochran is the total cause, but it certainly did not help!

Thad Cochran gets a guy who took to long to retire to endorse him…
AoSHQ: GOP Establishment excited that "junk sexter" endorsing Thad Cochran
Pushback on Brett Farve (Farve's late involvement likely payback to his buddies Barbour and the MS GOP Establishment)
CAC at AoSHQ on how the runoff may go… (don't count your chickens…especially with this bunch of hen thiefs)

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  1. Breitbart said 12.

    Oh, well, Cochran can always be our ambassador to A-stan.


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