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You Anti Semites! Stop mocking Pajama Boy you H8ers!

Well I guess it was just a matter of time before the raaaaacism/antisemitism defense would be given:

Yeah, that explains it all:
The Jew is the Other is the Effeminate is the Liberal. He is the urbanite, the parasite, the usurer, the lawyer. His effeminacy corrupts the Volk or the Heartland or the real American values. He wouldn’t know how to drive a pick-up truck if it was on cruise control. And he definitely votes for Obama. 
Really, what’s “metrosexual” about Pajama Boy, anyway? The fact that he’s wearing pajamas? Drinking a hot beverage? No – it’s the way in which he so perfectly fits the Right’s image of the liberal Jewish girly-man. There’s a real “masculinity,” and then there’s whatever it is that Pajama Boy is embodying. (For the record, I have no idea whether Krupp is gay or straight. Neither do his haters.) 
Needless to say, in this brave new world of Eric Cantor and the Republican Jewish Coalition (whose executive director makes over half a mil – must be a real man), the Jewishness of Pajama Boy is conspicuously absent from the vitriol. But as soon as you see it, you can’t un-see it. Which makes you wonder what the Review’s Charles Cooke – in another line conspicuously omitted by the discussions of this issue – meant when he said “the advertising machine behind the Obama administration seems not to really know what normal human beings are like.” 
Normal human beings are gentiles. They spit or smoke tobacco, they speak plainly, and they are manly men who don’t wear pajamas, don’t raise their eyebrows, don’t support affordable healthcare, and definitely don’t flay their arms around like Woody Allen. Or Shylock. Real men. Not Jews. 
Whether or not the Pajama-Boy bashers are unconsciously anti-Semitic or not, I don’t know. Consciously, they are against everything “Judaism” stands for, at least as construed by its enemies: outsiderness, cosmopolitanism, liberalism, a progressive rather than nativist agenda, an opposition to the notion that there is one kind of “normal” person, a sympathy for the underdog and the immigrant as opposed to the successful and the privileged, and, yes, a rejection of a certain gendered, masculinist understanding of justice wherein the strong survive and the weak are trampled underfoot like the untermenschen they are.
Maybe they missed something here, but Republicans did not create the Pajama Boy meme, Democrats and the Obama Administration did that.  This is how Ethan Krupp describes himself.  

TOM: The fecundity factor and Obamacare...
TOM: "Pajama Boy" as Rorshach inkblot test... 
Jay Michaelson tells us very little about conservatives who made fun of a silly ad, but tells us an awful lot about the strange ideas that swirl around inside Jay Michaelson’s deranged mind.
Ed Driscoll: We have no morals, and we will attack you...
Legal Insurrection: The neutralization of males...
Wombat:  Has links from Blackmailers Don't Shoot: Pajama Boy Unchained and The Conservative Commune/Necropolitan Sentinel: Pajama Boy Through History

Iranians are basically telling Barack Obama and John Kerry what they think about them...

Suicide Bombing in Southern Russia near Sochi Olympic venue...

The New York Times carries some water for Hillary Clinton about the Benghazi, Libya attack...

The New York Times: Its Revisionist Account of Benghazi...
Instapundit: "It’s all about trying to take the heat off Hillary. But we still don’t know why she refused repeated requests for more security in Benghazi. We also don’t know where Obama was that night. The Times doesn’t seem that interested in telling us, either."

Bi-Partisan skepticism over report claiming al Qaeda not involved in Benghazi attack.

ROGER KIMBALL: Benghazi: The New York Times vs. the Truth. “How are we to understand the Times’s latest entry into the contest to rewrite history for ideological fun and profit? My own sense is that it has less to do with salvaging President Obama’s tattered reputation — he is well on his way to winning the prize for the least competent and most destructive president in the history of the republic. No, Barack Obama is yesterday’s news, and unless and until he is impeached and removed from office he will be pretty much forgotten by purveyors of all the Newspeak fit to print. They have their eyes on another player in the Benghazi scandal, namely Hilary Clinton. If anyone emerged from that shameful episode more discredited than Barack Obama, it was Ms. Clinton. But time is passing fast, and there is a lot of remedial work to do if Hilary Clinton is to be suitably repackaged as the Democratic candidate for president. That ambition, I believe, stands behind this elaborate, breathtaking exercise in journalistic mendacity.”
A Fairy Tale by the NYTs for Hillary Clinton 

NYT's version completely False by Forces on the Ground
Eli Lake: Yes there is evidencing linking al Qaeda to Benghazi...

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Separated at Birth: Phil Robertson and...? Update: A&E caves, but no word yet from National Review...

Separated at Birth Free Speech: National Review better not be treating their talent bad...Mr. Steyn could find other places to go.  

Phil Robertson: How A&E screwed up...
Mark Steyn: How National Review screwed up...
Mark Steyn's The Age of Intolerance:
Look, I’m an effete foreigner who likes show tunes. My Broadway book was on a list of “Twelve Books Every Gay Man Should Read.” Andrew Sullivan said my beard was hot. Leonard Bernstein stuck his tongue in my mouth (long story). But I’m not interested in living in a world where we have to tiptoe around on ever thinner eggshells. If it’s a choice between having celebrity chefs who admit to having used the N-word in 1977 (or 1965, or 1948, or whenever the hell it was) and reality-show duck-hunters who quote Corinthians and Alec Baldwin bawling out some worthless paparazzo who’s doorstepping his family with a “homophobic” slur, or having all of them banished from public life and thousands upon millions more too cowed and craven to speak lest the same fate befall them, I’ll take the former any day. 
Because the latter culture would be too boring for any self-respecting individual to want to live in, even more bloody boring than the current TV landscape where, aside from occasional eruptions of unerotic twerking by sexless skanks, every other show seems to involve snippy little Pajama Boys sitting around snarking at each other in the antiseptic eunuch pose that now passes for “ironic.” It’s “irony” as the last circle of Dante’s cultural drain; it’s why every show advertised as “edgy” and “transgressive” offers the same pitiful combination of attitude and impotence as a spayed cat humping.
Jason Lee Steorts (Mark Steyn's editor) responds.
Mark Steyn Responds: Re-Education Camp
Jason Lee Steorts responds (he just wants to be civil).  A bit of advice to Mr. Steorts, while I agree civility is a skill set sadly in decline in the general culture, sometimes you have to just say what needs saying.

Mr. Steorts: The Fruit Cordial reference was to make a point...
TOM: Three gay men laugh about oral sex with Anderson Cooper's mother...
TOM: As Steyn said: "It is bollocks on stilts..."
TOM: Phil Robertson 1, Political Correctness 0
American Thinker: GLAAD is a fascist organization that targets gays who disagree with it...
Bill O'Reilly sided with GLAAD in all of this...
TOM: Success is its own defense...

Joey Heatherton Rule 5

This one is going out to Trooper.  For Boxing Day.

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He knows when you've been drinking, he knows when you're 0.08%...Santa may get a DUI for crashing his sleigh?

Bad Santa!
Father Christmas and his helper are facing drink driving charges after they careered round a Polish town in a sleigh and smashed into a brick wall.
The 51-year-old Santa actor and his 31-year-old female helper lost control of their horse in the middle of a market in a busy high street of Ustrzykach Dolnych.
Police say they are looking at pressing charges against the pair, who were supposed to be greeting children anxious to prove how 'nice' they had been this year.

North Dakota Christmas 2013

Ho Ho Ho: There is a lot of oil coming out of North Dakota
A six figure salary in the oil patch through hard honest work, or as TOM reports, a life of crime as a welfare queen.  Which is better?

Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

It isn't Christmas without oysters...

What kind of oyster eater are you...
In a Half Shell is a great site.  A fabulous recourse and provides links for ordering oysters mail order.

And every city worth its salt has at least one decent oyster bar.  Here is the vatican in New York.  They have quite a list of oysters.

All oysters are great.  Each is unique and its own universe of taste.