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The Mystery of the Missing Medal of Honor and Marine Arthur Jackson

LT Arthur J. Jackson receiving his medal of honor from President Truman
And here is the mystery: Where did the medal go? 

What Jackson did on Peleliu is simply amazing:

During the savage battle for Peleliu in the South Pacific*, his 7th Marines were pinned by withering Japanese fire from dug-in fortifications. That’s when the 19-year-old Jackson drew on an almost superhuman courage and determination.“When my platoon leader came along,” Jackson told Fox News, “he asked me…Jackson – do you think you can get into that ---damned shallow trench that runs across the front of that big bunker?  If you can, you could probably do some bad things.” Dodging a hail of enemy fire and snipers in the surrounding coconut trees, Jackson made for the trench.  He and a squad member had rigged a pack with 45 pounds of C2 plastic explosive.  Jackson threw a phosphorous grenade into the bunker, then pushed the pack through the aperture and lit the fuse.“And it just sizzled. And I knew I had about 30 seconds to get the hell out of the area,” he told Fox News.Jackson spotted a nearby crater from a 500-pound bomb and ran to it like it was the last thing he’d ever do. It almost was.“Just as I dove in there, the roof of that big bunker -- whoooooom..!  Up it went…coconut logs, boulders, earth..  I thought – I’ve been done in by my own stupidity.”That would have been enough for most warriors.  But Jackson kept going.  By the time it was all over, he had taken out 12 bunkers and killed 50 enemy troops.Almost singlehandedly, Jackson had secured the southern tip of Peleliu for the Marines.

* actually Peleliu is in Palau, which is just north of the equator.  So it is technically not the South Pacific.  But I am nitpicking.  

An invitation to veterans.  

Egyptian protesters demand Morsi leave office, his proponents gather in support... Update: BBC says it is the largest protest in the history of mankind!

Return of the Revolution?
Wombat's Live at Five: 10 dead, millions in the street.

WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: A Light Fails In Egypt.
Is Egypt’s revolution falling apart? Clashes between anti-government protestors and Muslim Brotherhood supporters turned deadly yesterday, leaving at least three—including an American college student—dead. These clashes come ahead of massive country-wide demonstrations against President Morsi scheduled for Sunday. The NYT reports that on-the-ground forces are even speaking of a civil war. . . .
It’s hard for the American press to wrap its head around what’s happening in Egypt. The Western media instinctively wants to view the conflict as Islamists vs. secularists or liberals, with the future of democracy at stake. The reality is both darker and more complicated, but at best only a handful journalists have the intellectual chops to make sense of this picture, or the writing ability to help American readers understand a reality so different from our own experience here at home.
Had we pushed democratization back in 2004, when the U.S. had a lot of mana in the region, it might have gone better, but the Bush Administration unaccountably reversed course on that. Or, perhaps, they figured out what would happen and thought better of it, unlike Obama and his Cairo speech. I’ve faulted the Bush folks for their sudden and (to me) inexplicable abandonment of the mideast democracy-promotion agenda, but perhaps they knew more than I realized.
Plus, the wages of a higher education bubble:
Inexperienced 18 years olds who have grown up in corrupt, poorly governed societies, and been educated in trashy schools by incompetent hacks know very well that the status quo is unacceptable. Young people who know they are being ripped off and abused are typically not very patient. Throw in healthy doses of sexual frustration and contempt for an establishment that has lost confidence in its own capacity to lead, and you have a cocktail much more explosive than anything Molotov knew.
Egypt’s university system is particularly destructive. Year after year it turns out people with paper credentials, high expectations, and no real skills or understanding of how the world works. Those who manage to acquire real skills often go work in the Gulf, where Egyptian expats are able to have something approaching an effective professional career. But many Egyptian secondary school and university graduates end up in the worst of all possible worlds: too well-educated to accept the grinding poverty, soul-crushing drudgery and lack of status that so many jobs there entail, but not well-educated enough to build a better future for themselves or to organize effectively to remedy the ills of a society that creates such a dismal trap for youth.
Ugh. Good thing nothing like that could ever happen here.

James Lipton really was a Pimp?

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:

Pardon, macquereau...
Which would make him Mac Daddy Lipton!  

Proof found this 4th of July gem of a beer advertisement...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Catastrophe in Calgary! And RMCP are in hot water over the seizure of guns from evacuated homes.

The Blogmocracy had this story of a cat in danger:
This cat is in the river! Calgary is suffering tremendous flooding due to a change in the jet stream...
This also explains some of high temperature in the West this week.  
Disaster: Massive amounts of moisture held in place by a loop in the jet stream...
“The rain wasn’t just rain falling in one area upstream,” Scott said. “It dumped rain right from the 49th parallel to Sundre.”That covers the entire Bow River basin, the headwaters for all the rivers that flow into the Bow and Elbow before they get to Calgary. That city got 53 mm, but the rain west of Calgary is what’s causing the river to rise so much, so quickly. “You’ve got all this water funnelling down to one point, and that point is Calgary.”
Klondike Cat is in hot water...
The Royal Mounted Canadian Police are in hot water over a decision to seize guns from evacuated homes.  Residents in High Water, Alberta are not happy with this action.

Alec Baldwin is a douchebag [and thug] with anger management problems who has gotten away with bad behavior way too long...

Thank you Anderson Cooper.  Alec Baldwin over reacted to some idiot in England who (wrongly) accused his new wife of tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral.  Baldwin's wife handled it with class.  Alec Baldwin, however, handled it like a thuggish Long Island frat boy with some closeted sexual issues.  Note he repeats what he did with Michelle Malkin and directs his followers to go on the attack.
Even Andrew Sullivan (screen shot for your protection) gets it (even though he engaged in abuse of others himself):

But as we all know this is not the first time Alec Baldwin has melted down.
Alec Baldwin is way more racist than Paula Deen
But given Alec Baldwin's history with the press, photographers, his racial slur outbursts, his abusive relationship with his daughter Ireland and her mother Kim Bassinger, his outburst on American Airlines, among others, why not do a big Alec Baldwin inspired Rule 5 Alec-palooza post!

Alec on the town...
Here is an elderly Alec Baldwin hunting for a good rye pumpernickel in New York
with his two lovely daughters Hilaria and Ireland (it is nice they take him out)

Home Modeling!  She does not look like a little pig?

Ireland in the Post
Alec looking all cheerful with his "Thoughtless Little Pig" Ireland

Ireland says the "pig" comment was no big deal since he has done it before.

The lovely long suffering Kim Bassinger with her
lovely daughter Ireland Baldwin

They do look alike 

Ireland being in the Post must frost Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin told the lovely Tara Palmeri he wanted to "choke her to death"

Baldwin then called photographer G.N. Miller — a decorated retired detective with the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau and a staff photographer for The Post — a “coon, a drug dealer,’’ Miller’s police statement said.

Old Man Baldwin with his daughter Hilaria
Hilaria Baldwin helps Alec Baldwin cross a busy street
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and Nick Gillespi at Reason on Alec Baldwin's real problem...
Moe Lane's prediction of Alec Baldwin's death spiral...  Exactly right, Baldwin never has to answer for this behavior, so he continues to engage in it.

Sarah Silverman's N Word walkback (who do you think you are Quentin Tarrantino?)
Alec's Daughter Hilaria defends him
Capital One Fail
Darleen Click: It was never about homophobia?

A telling Twitter exchange:

The Blogmocracy has this.
Heartbreak: Alec Baldwin says he will never tweet again!

Friday, June 28, 2013

God Hates Taylor Swift? Maybe because she is a member of Club Crazy*

Did the Westboro Baptist Church jump the shark shrimp?
What do Fred Phelps founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, Alec Baldwin serial child, social media and telephone abuser, Paula Deen and George Zimmerman all have in common?

They are all Democrats*  And with the exception of Zimmerman, all nut jobs.  And while she has not declared her party affiliation, I would bet Kaitlyn Hunt Smith is a Democrat too.

Oh by the way: Taylor Swift supported Barack Obama for President, loves Michelle Obama, and she did get screwed by a Kennedy in Hyannis Port.  But Taylor made out well in the end on that one.

Alec Baldwin has anger management problems 

Rule 5 Sunday Taylor Smith we hardly knew ye...

The moral decline and fall of western civilization: British Cowardice and Disgraceful Theresa May

TOM: Disgraceful Theresa May
1389 Blog: Sharia comes to Great Britain
American Power: With friends like these....
Blazing Cat Fur: Muslims post bounties on bloggers (they of course can likely travel to London)
Da Tech Guy: Dear British Home Secretary...
Ed Driscoll: Behold the face of cowardice 
Camp of the Saints: Who is John Gaunt...
Lonely Conservative: Pam Geller and Robert Spencer banned from Britain...
Roger Kimball: Free speech dies in Britain...
Breitbart: Geller Spencer banned from Britain...
WND: Banned
Times of Israel
The Right Scoop: Unbelievable...
Gateway Pundit: Banned...
Da Tech Guy: England is no longer a free country...

Of course, what did you expect?  Geller was banned (essentially) from CPAC.  Muslim interests and their money are infiltrating everywhere.

Theresa May protects the feelings of Murderous Jihadis over peaceful people like Geller and Spencer
Theresa May:  What about the feelings of the family of Woolrich victim Lee Rigby?

But I never let a Rule 5 go to waste, although in this case it is an inverse one (a Negative Rule 5).

Theresa May: A Neo-Neville Chamberlain

She has that big government snoopy streak too!  

Rule 5!  A face only a Jihadi could love.  

What words rhyme with itch?  

Separated at Birth: Gang of Eight and...?

Gang of Eight and...
Sounder of hogs

The Craprehensive Immigration Bill is riddled with pork...

Remember at the next election:  Pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered.
Paul Ryan: You are wallowing in this mess...
Don't be over confident the House will pass on this, there are a lot of hogs there.

The Gang of Eight Craprehensive Bill Hurts American Workers 

T.A. FRANK IN THE NEW REPUBLIC: Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill: It’s about low-wage American workers.

Worrying about illegal immigration today is a lot like worrying about communists in government in 1950. It’s not that the problem isn’t legitimate or serious (there actually were, we now know, a lot of Moscow loyalists working for the U.S. government). It’s that expressing your concurrence links you to a lot of demagogues and bad actors.
Most of America’s college-educated elites are little affected by illegal immigration. In fact, it’s often a benefit to us in terms of childcare, household help, dinners out, and other staples of upper-middle-class life. Many therefore view the problem as akin, in severity, to marijuana use—common but benign, helpful to the immigrants and minimal in its effects on Americans or anyone else. I know, because it used to be my own view. . . .
All in all, I became convinced that high levels of low-skill immigration are good for wealthy Americans and bad for poor Americans. Far more important, high levels of illegal immigration—when you start to get into the millions, as we have—undermines unions and labor standards, lowers wages, heightens social tensions, strains state budgets, widens income inequality, subverts the rule of law, and exacerbates class divides. The effects go far beyond wages, because few undocumented workers earn enough to cover anything close to the cost of government services (such as education for their children) they require, and those services are most important to low-income Americans. In short, it’s an immense blow to America’s working class and poor.

Worrying about insufficient “diversity” links you to a lot of demagogues and bad actors, too, but that seems to be okay.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

At least Patriot fans have a sense of humor...

Peyton's Head has an excellent image to the #Hernandezing craze:
Hernandezing is just wrong!
Flashback:  Tebow tries to break up bar fight involving Hernandez...

Why public education is declining in America: A teacher who was accused of feeding his own semen to students could not be fired...

Separated at Birth: George Zimmerman and...?

George Zimmerman
after defending himself

Hey you have to break a few brown  white hispanic
eggs to make a Democrat Obama omlette

JUNE 27, 2013

“TRAIN WRECK” WITNESS: Rachel Jeantel made it sound like Travon Martin profiled George Zimmerman… or… what is a “creepy ass cracker”? Somebody ask Paula Deen.
But here’s the key: Obama and the Democrats would actually prefer an acquittal here. That’s because the whole point of the ginned-up Zimmerman affair was to inflame racial sentiment to boost black turnout in 2012. With any luck, they can turn an acquittal into another racial rallying cry, which will help in 2014. It’s not about Zimmerman; he’s just one of those eggs you have to break to make an Obama omelet.
UPDATE: Reader Bill Lux writes: “If their goal is prepping the battlefield then they might get their wish. The mainstream coverage of the trial is so abysmal that I don’t think casual observers realize what a farce this is and how weak the State’s case is (Andrew Branca’s tweeting has been indispensable). If there’s an acquittal, many people will be outraged because they’re so ill-informed.” That’s not by accident.

And remember George Zimmerman was a Latino Democrat and Obama supporter before all of this went down.  But when the opportunity presented itself, Team Obama and the Democrats had no problem throwing him under the bus.  It is what they do.

And for the best day to day coverage of this trial, you should be checking Legal Insurrection and guest commentator Andrew Branco.

Tommy Christopher is retarded.

Summary of Day 4 of the Zimmerman Trial.
Week 1 summary of Zimmerman Trial. 

JUNE 29, 2013

IT’S REALLY BEGINNING TO LOOK AS IF CHARGES NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN BROUGHT HERE: Neighbor, cop back George Zimmerman’s account of fight with Trayvon Martin.

Chris Matthews' Pauline Kael Moment...

Alan Myers of DEVO RIP

Alan speaks around 6:48

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Benghazi: What did the President [updated: And Hillary Clinton] know and when did [t]he[y] know it?

Benghazi still matters, since the same question should be poised to Hillary Clinton (who obviously wants to be President after Barack Obama).
Benghazi Terrorists: "Dr. Morsi Sent Us"
And did Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood have a roll in Benghazi?  How is that Arab Spring working out for us?

RAND PAUL: Benghazi Will Haunt Hillary in 2016, Could ‘Preclude’ Her from Presidency.

Bill Clinton's Defense of Marriage Act over turned by Supreme Court in 5-4 decision...

DaTechGuy The Prop 8 decision is worse than you think...  (being from a one party People's Democratic Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he knows)
Bill and Hillary did not focus on the past history of DOMA
Wombat's Live at Five: Long Struggle Ahead on Marriage Debate

Firework Safety Tip: Don't shoot bottle rockets from your mouth...

We went over the dangers of shooting rockets from your butt.

We warned about shooting fireworks near pets.

Now we move up to the face. Maybe not as embarrassing as the butt shots, but potentially far more dangerous (your eyes are not designed for this, let alone the rest of your face).