Sunday, September 29, 2013

Harry Reid and the Democrats respond on keeping the government operating: Shut It Down!

House GOP leaders surprised me by actually showing some backbone...
“The American people don’t want a government shut down and they don’t want ObamaCare. That’s why later today, the House will vote on two amendments to the Senate-passed continuing resolution that will keep the government open and stop as much of the president’s health care law as possible.

“The first amendment delays the president’s health care law by one year. And the second permanently repeals ObamaCare’s medical device tax that is sending jobs overseas.

“Both of these amendments will change the date of the Senate CR to December 15th. We will also vote on a measure that ensures our troops get paid, no matter what.

“We will do our job and send this bill over, and then it’s up to the Senate to pass it and stop a government shutdown.”
Obama and Reid do not care, they would rather shut the government down!

It's the circle of life...

Do you have problems sleeping or snoring? You may need continuous positive airway pressure, CPAP

This is not CPAP
Hey, I recognize no one is big on wearing a mask at night (well, except for special occasions).  But CPAP, if you need it, is a very good thing.  If you have sleep apnea, you are not getting good sleep (so you are not getting rested), you are damaging your pulmonary system (heart and lungs) and possibly depriving your brain of oxygen.  You are probably snoring and waking your partner too. Focus on the benefits.

CPAP may not be sexy, but can improve your sex life...

That is not a CPAP either...
This is a CPAP (okay it is not that much different than the masks above...)

This is a CPAP too

And this...

And this...

Did I mention using a CPAP may improve your sex life?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Seymour Hersh: The Obama and Clinton narrative on the Bin Laden raid is one big lie...

Seymour Hersh: "Nothing's been done about that story, it's one big lie, not one word of it is true"
Remember Seymour Hersh is making this criticism from the left. But I give him credit for not giving the Obama Administration (which includes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) any slack.

Hersh "is adamant that Obama is worse than Bush."

John Boehner Pro Amnesty

Scenes from the Kenya Mall: Islam does not mean Peace...

The terrorists behind the Kenya mall attack are from Al Shabaab, a Somali Islamic terrorist group and Al Qaeda affiliate, that gets support in Somalia and Eritrea. They are exceedingly violent and are obviously trying to make a name for themselves. They have been involved in terrorist attacks in Uganda and Egypt (they are especially active in Sinai).

There are media reports of "bedouins" kidnapping tourists in South Sinai and Christians from Eritrea (the Eritreans are tortured in camps in Sinai for ransom money from their families).  There was never a tradition of this sort of activity in Sinai from bedouins there.  This is being coordinated by Al Shabaab.

Another reason not to date in the District of Columbia...

Quin Woodward Pu: A real class act...
Rule 5 Monday

h/t: AoSHQ

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Blogmocracy has a great post on Dr. Seuss and Ted Cruz

Trooper York

Team Oracle comes back and wins America's Cup

John "Angry Bird" McCain loses it completely...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The "R" is for RINO: Representative Peter King (R) also known as The Chicken Lady

I did not realize Peter King had a past career as the Chicken Lady:
Peter "Chicken Lady" King is a freak!
Update:  The Lid has more on Peter King...

Peter King enjoying some recreation off time...

I am with Ted Cruz on this one.  Peter King can join the rest of the chickens in the GOP flock.

Angry Bird
Chickens of the Senate
Chicken of the House
This could count a Rule 5 Poultry Porn. Anyone getting off on this is sick and twisted.
Rule 5 Monday

Separated at Birth: Mr. Cruz goes to Washington

An Anti Rule 5 Chick Post: Pick A Little Talk A Little Republicans...

I am with Ted Cruz on this issue...

Hinderaker and Instapundit note:  Voters seem to prefer Republicans when they promote Republican issues.  And even if you disagree with Cruz, he is at least trying to hang Obamacare around the necks of Democrats like the preverbal dead albatross it is.

Angry Bird

Chickens of the Senate
Chicken of the House