Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Separated at Birth: The U.S. Embassy in Cairo and...?

U.S. Embassy, Cairo Egypt, September 11, 2012
(and don't forget Libya and four Americans killed)
U.S. Embassy, Tehran, Iran, November 4, 1979

And the Obama Administration apologized for this September 11 attack today.    Update:   More deleted tweets (must cover for the White House).  Never apologize for American values!  

No surprise that Barack Obama seems separated from birth from this guy...   Update:  We are back to 1979!  

h/t:  Gateway Pundit


The U.S. Ambassador to Libya was murdered.  Four Americans slain in Libya. 

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  1. Those tweets could be their own post. I need to post them to that ding-dong college student, er, Obama worshipper.


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