Friday, August 31, 2012

How Barack Obama plans to win: Vilify Mitt Romney and avoid any discussion of the economy...

Mitt Romney did a very good job and Barack Obama obviously noticed:

Mr. Obama is starting to get scared.   I think Eastwood and especially Rubio got to him. 
Update:  Mark Steyn:  Play Clinty for me! 
Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot noted this:  Democrat Mark Halperin at Time lays it all out:
Never deviate from the core message that was set in place even before Romney secured his nomination: Obama can't win if he can't swing the conversation away from the economy and render Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat, an unacceptable alternative in the Oval Office.
Then again, some on the left are not quite as sanguine as Mr. Obama: 

Update:  Eastwooding


  1. I have no problem saying PRESIDENT ROMNEY. I think this is as it should be. PRESIDENT OBAMA (and though I disagree with him, I still stand by the President of the United State of America and hope he'll do what's right for US) I think Romney/Ryan can give us the HOPE and CHANGE we need now. Something that was promised in the last election that ended up in the mess we have now.

  2. It's odd that the Obamanite think they can avoid the economy. We buy gas and see the increase in cost since Jan. '08. We go to the supermarket and see the cost of decent cuts of meat beyond our means, so we settle for the five pound chubs of the cheapest hamburger, and we try hard to make them last. Meanwhile we remember that we used to have T-bones. We see that we can no longer afford the Skippy or Peter Pan peanut butter so the kids get store brand PB&J on the cheapest bread possible, and we remember when we had it better. Meanwhile this bunch in office gave away most of a trillion dollars to it's lefty friends.

    Sure they want to avoid talk of the economy. They cannot make us stop thinking about it, though.


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