Friday, August 31, 2012

Saturn: High Definition and some Friday night music.

Republican National Convention 2012 Media Rule 5. Updated with a Fear and Loathing RNC road trip report!

For this week's Rule 5 could there be any other choice than the lovely Megyn Kelly
Hint: Megyn is on the right, however 

the dude in the center needs some assistance.

Yet she is a working journalist.  Look at her pound that keyboard!
But approachable! Just another reporter you can have a beer with...

Clint Eastwood on Obama: 40 movie quotes

Although I did especially like last night's:  "Of course we know Biden is the intellectual of the Democratic Party..."  That alone was worth the price of admission!

Baldilocks/King Shamus:  Why Eastwood's speech worked.
More from Da Tech Guy.

Of course we have Barack "Travis Bickel" Obama with his awkward comments!

h/t:  All American Blogger

Empty Chair Indeed!  Romney in Louisiana checking out storm damage and Barack Obama not down there yet?
Mark Steyn:  Play Clinty for me! 

Barack Obama: “My expectation is that there will be some popping of the blister after this election..."

Eeewww! Awkward Barack Obama speech moments:  Yes he said it.  
What no zit popping?  Probably too racially charged with the whole black head/white head thing.  Especially with the Democrat party sending out mailers warning about crime increases in our "Negrohoods."

Obama's comment reminded me of this:

Barack "Travis Bickel" Obama:  Some day a real candidate will come and pop these blisters on these feet.  

How Barack Obama plans to win: Vilify Mitt Romney and avoid any discussion of the economy...

Mitt Romney did a very good job and Barack Obama obviously noticed:

Mr. Obama is starting to get scared.   I think Eastwood and especially Rubio got to him. 
Update:  Mark Steyn:  Play Clinty for me! 
Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot noted this:  Democrat Mark Halperin at Time lays it all out:
Never deviate from the core message that was set in place even before Romney secured his nomination: Obama can't win if he can't swing the conversation away from the economy and render Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat, an unacceptable alternative in the Oval Office.
Then again, some on the left are not quite as sanguine as Mr. Obama: 

Update:  Eastwooding

The Master declared a masterpiece of film making

A masterpiece of filmmaking.  We will see, but I am looking forward to this film.
Paul Thomas Anderson has a press conference on the film.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Speech at Republican National Convention

Great introduction by both Clint Eastwood and Marco Rubio...then it was Mitt:
Republican Candidate Mitt Romney focuses on economics and creating jobs.
Full Text Here
Updated with video highlights:

Update:  And the best line by Romney was the "slow the rising of the oceans" and "healing the planet" promised by Obama vs Romney promising to make lives better for Americans in the United States.   It was substantial, it showed the contrast of the two positions, and Romney did a excellent job with delivery and timing.

Mitt Romney’s Job Plan:
  • Make North America energy independent by 2020 by tapping America’s oil and coal, gas and nuclear and renewables.
  • Give American citizens the skills they need for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow by improving schools
  • Forge new trade agreements. And when nations cheat in trade, there will be unmistakable consequences.
  • Cut the deficit and put America on track to a balanced budget.
  • Reduce taxes on business, simplify regulations, repeal and replace Obamacare
And this is so good I will post it again (even if Moore is wearing shorts):

Update:  How Obama plans to win (basically bad mouth Mitt and hope no one notices the economy).

Update:  Here is the full speech in video.   

Make Our Day: Marco and Clint! With Special Undisclosed Guest Schadenfreude update!

Clint was good, but Marco Rubio was on fire!

A celebrated actor and film maker gives a good speech.  Update:  Richard Fernandez on Eastwood

And of course we can't leave out documentary film makers.  What make this special is it is not coming from Dinesh D'Souza but from Michael Moore:

They are in mourning over at the progressive Lefty site Raw Story.

How Obama plans to win (basically bad mouth Mitt and hope no one notices the economy).
Mark Steyn:  Play Clinty for me! 

Fred Thompson gives some handicapping, some observations, and some advice on the election.

The Obama Poster

Paul Ryan: "College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life."

The left: Desperately trying to Palinize Paul Ryan

Hey Girl, the truth can hurt a little, but relax and you will feel so much better!

Wow.  The lefty tweets immediately after Paul Ryan's speech by the left were amazingly unhinged.  They obviously had their texting thumbs limbered up in anticipation of the Paul Ryan speech.  But Paul Ryan told the truth.  Barack Obama twice promised to keep that Wisconsin plant open.   We have to fact check the fact checkers!

Hey Girl, Look in my eyes.  I always tell the truth to you!
h/t:  Paul Ryan Tumblr

More from Protein Wisdom.
Legal Insurrection has how fact checkers are self destructing over Ryan Speech.
TOM:  When it comes to lies, no one outdoes Joan Walsh.
Facts are Paul Ryan's friends.
Politifact is a partisan biased operation
Instapundit notes that those "fact checkers" of the left are paddling back (oops they got caught)
The Left does have its allies!  
TOM:  The speech that inspired media panic!  

Clint Eastwood to speak today at the Republican National Convention

Condoleezza Rice's speech at Republican National Convention

ReaganesqueMary Katharine Ham says she rocked it.  I think she did a fine job.

Full Speech here:

More RNC speeches here.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey Girl, Paul Ryan is giving his speech at the Republican National Convention...

The Other McCain has the Full Speech Here
"Fading Obama posters" will leave a mark

Video here.

But don't trust my word, Roseanne Barr had these nice things to say:

h/t:  Paul Ryan Tumblr

Hey Girl, did you hear the news, that plant closed in 2009 like I said.  Nice try in nit picking Dems.
Fact checking lefties fail:  Ryan told the truth.  Twitchy has more.
Moe Lane:  Why are liberals freaking out about a plant closing.

Scott Walker and Ted Cruz give good speeches at the Republican National Convention

Chris Christie Keynote Speech at Republican National Convention. Update: With Ann Romney speech too.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mia Love rocks Tampa and the Republican convention...

Barack Obama: A love song...

Bruce still loves him, but this song fits Obama's re-election campaign best...

The appropriate response to Barack Obama's narcissistic "tribute" regarding the late great Neil Armstrong..

Neil Armstrong was a great man and Americans mourn his passing.  Barack Obama's narcissistic "tribute" was way off the mark.   

But there is an appropriate response to the Mr. Obama on this.
Right back at you Mr. President!  

Switchers: Democrats and former Obama supporters saying "no" to Barack Obama being reelected...

Romney should have this a 30 second spot.  It is effective.  

It is a political protest so the question is should it be covered by citizen journalists? NSFW

Are they just a bunch of boobs or is there more to this story?
If only for Rule 5 purposes alone, the answer is yes (and no).  Go to the link and look at the pictures and it is self evident which should be covered and which should not!
h/t: Althouse

Some very strong argumentative points in support of her position..

Update:   Jeff Goldstein notes lefties and some conservatives are all excited about a satirical story about Todd Akin and the benefits of breast milk.  I am sure the La Leche League is all over this!  And what about Mayor Bloomberg?  Apparently most leftists and sadly some conservatives do not know what satirical means.  I blame our failed education system!

Elizabeth Warren's thug staffer: "You're messing with the wrong people" And Elizabeth Warren, rather than firing him, lies and tries to cover it up.

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection noted how Elizabeth Warren's staffers are getting thuggish.  Elizabeth Warren's staffer states to the photographer:   "You're messing with the wrong people"  

Update:  Elizabeth Warren's cabbie lies get even weirder!

Elizabeth Warren responded that the individual involved was just a cab driver unaffiliated to her or her campaign.  Turns out that statement by Elizabeth Warren was a lie:
The thug "cabdriver" Morgan Reitzas with Elizabeth Warren and her husband (from Warren's facebook page)
Of course there is a cultural explanation for all of this:  Morgan Reitzas just wanted to count coup for Elizabeth "Pseudojawea" Warren!

Looks like St. Pancake's case fell flat...

Rachel Corrie of Olympia, Washington burning a paper U.S. Flag in Gaza
Eugene Volokh points Israeli court rules against Rachel Corrie's family in their civil suit.  Volokh notes that the coverage has been poor.  Pro Palestinian groups (not surprisingly) are calling the decision "shameful."

Corrie protesting IDF bulldozers
But really this whole lawsuit came down to whether the Israeli Defense Force personnel at the scene were reckless (there was really no evidence she was intentionally run over) in Corrie's death:  
By all accounts, Rachel Corrie was one of a group of protesters attempting to disrupt the work of two IDF bulldozers leveling ground to detonate explosives in an area rife with terrorist activity. The bulldozers moved to a different area to avoid the protesters, and Corrie became separated from the group. Some of the agitators stood with a banner, while Corrie picked up a bullhorn and yelled slogans at the driver encased in the small cabin of the dozer. This went on for several hours on the afternoon of March 16. It's the kind of activity favored by the young pro-Palestinian types who make up the ISM. 
There wasn't enough action for Corrie. According to fellow Evergreen State College student, Joseph Smith, 21, who was at the site, Corrie dropped her bullhorn and sat down in front of one of the bulldozers. She fully expected that the driver would stop just in front of her. "We were horribly surprised," Smith told me by phone from Rafah the day after the incident. "They had been careful not to hurt us. They'd always stopped before," he said. 
As the dozer plowed forward heaping up a pile of dirt and sand, Corrie scrambled up the pile to sit on the top. Smith says she lost her footing as the bulldozer made the earth move beneath her feet. She got pulled down, he says. "The driver lost sight of her and continued forward. Then, without lifting the blade he reversed and Rachel was underneath the mid-section of the dozer, she wasn't run over by the tread."
I recognize I am being callous to Corrie's parents.  I am sorry she was killed and their loss is horrible.  But the blame for this goes to those that encouraged a girl from Olympia, Washington to get involved in a dispute she did not understand that resulted in her putting herself in harms way.  And the left's attempts to make her into some heroic martyr only encourages other misguided youth from doing the same thing.

Back when LGF and Charles Johnson used to call Rachel Corrie St. Pancake.
The Blogmocracy has more on why Ms. Corrie was in Gaza.  

Barack Obama's Ant Politics

Ann Althouse has a post on Insect Politics/Fish Politics.  Ann got inspired by reading Stanley Fish's New York Times review of Dinesh D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America (which I reviewed here).  Not surprising Fish (who is an Obama supporter) disliked D'Souza's movie as being a campaign ad against Obama.  And it is worth reading Fish's review just to give you an idea what ticks off Obama supporters.  Fish's article is amusing because despite his pseudo-intellectual justifications for disliking D'Souza's movie, it really comes down to how Fish and his wife feel about Obama (which in taking advantage of voters' feelings is how Obama got elected in the first place).  But Ann's post made me think immediately of this:

And Ann can go see Adam Ant in October in Milwaukee.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Elspeth Reeve: Lefty journalists who lie next to lying liars tend to be lying liars too.

All-American Blogger noted this headline from Elspeth Reeve:  Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks And Latinos ‘Won’t Show Up’ This Election

Did John Boenher actually say something like that?  Not exactly.  Here is Boehner's actual quote:
“This election is about economics… These groups have been hit the hardest. They may not show up and vote for our candidate but I’d suggest to you they won’t show up and vote for the president either.”Not quite as dramatic as Ms. Reeve first suggested with that headline.  

Elspeth Reeve?  It took a minute for me to remember but she was the fact checker at The New Republic who was married to fabulist liar Scott Beauchamp.  Now she is at The Atlantic.  Funny how liars migrate from The New Republic to The Atlantic.  Where is she going next?  The Daily Beast?  

Today in history: Krakatoa explodes, 1883

Anak (son of) Krakatoa  This is just a small cone that formed after the eruption.
Krakatoa before it erupted on August 27, 1883
That image may involve some artistic license, since
the mountain was about 2,600 feet tall.
11 cubic miles of material were ejected
Krakatoa after the August 27, 1883 eruption
Which gives you some scale to appreciate how much bigger
 the island was before the eruption.  
As big as Krakatoa eruption was and wide spread its effects, it pales compared to the effects of the Toba Supervolcano eruption, which occurred approximately 74,000 years ago and led to the near extinction of human beings.  And there is a super volcano hot spot at Yellowstone that is overdue for a major eruption.
Toba;s erruption 74,000 years ago was 12% bigger than Yellowstone's largest known eruption ~2 million years ago.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barack Obama and Acorn together again...

I thought what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Nevertheless the real party is just ready to start in Tampa...

Party On--but be careful out there!  
New Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Advertisement
But Prince Harry is just a party piker compared to what is in store at Blog Bash Tampa!  Even with the threat of bb gun wielding anarchists, Robert Stacy McCain and Ali are getting ready to party.  Okay, maybe there will be a tad less drunken nekid behavior, but Blog Bash is tonight.   Here is the twitter feed.

The good news is most of Florida (with the exception of the Keys) is probably out of the storm's path.  The bad news is look where the storm is headed.  And you can anticipate Republicans being blamed for that.  Still, I hope people in the path of this storm are safe and that citizens, first responders, and government officials (of all political parties) are ready.   Unlike a drunken prince in Vegas or Robert Stacy McCain getting his Blog Bash grove on, this storm should not be taken lightly.

A message from God?  Really?
Did Ali and RSM have to dodge some of these to get to Blog Bash?  Do these protestors really believe this sort of thing helps their cause?
The decadence of it all (I am living vicariously through them):

Thank you Neil Armstrong and rest in peace...

RIP Neil Armstrong and thank you for what you did.  I know going to the moon was a privilege.  But you performed that mission and lived your life with grace, class, and competency and for that, thank you.  Update:  Well said Richard!  and Well said Dan!
Remembering Neil Armstrong through images

Unfortunately for Barack Obama remembering the lunar landing is all about him.  Moe Lane at Red State has more.   As does Hogewash.  If you are old enough, do you remember where you were when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?  Funny how Barack Obama is not sharing that with us.  Fortunately Dinesh D'Souza's new movie reminds us about Obama's boyhood.  Maybe Obama can share with the American people the thrill of watching the Apollo moon landing on Indonesian television.
In between his mother denouncing the United States and saying Americans were not her people.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Argo--Official Trailer

I went to go see 2016: Obama's America last night and this trailer ran.  It looks it might be an okay film.

Rule 5 Les Misérables

This trailer played before 2016: Obama's America.   I was going to do a Conservative Women Rule 5 for the Republican Convention, but if Barack Obama is re-elected we will all be the miserable ones, so to the barricades!

Evil Misogynistic Inspector Sullivan is back, but played in the film by Russell Crowe.

And while she is a big Obama fan, it is hard not to like
the lovely Ann Hathaway, who plays Fantine.

Samantha Bank plays Éponine

Samantha Banks sang in the 25th Anniversary Concert

Amanda Seyfried plays Cozette

Helena Bonham Carter plays Madame Thénardier (10th Anniversary concert, starting at 2:10)
More inside information on the film.

Obama 2016, the movie (a review)

"The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past."  William Faulkner

I went to go see 2016: Obama's America last night.  I noticed Smitty's review over at The Other McCain and I agree with his take of the film.  As Smitty noted, while the movie does try to project what is in store for us if Barack Obama is reelected, it is really more about exploring what made Barack Obama, the man.

Dinesh D'Souza does a very good job at explaining the influence of Barack Obama's mostly absent father through the projection of his leftist and anti-Western mother Ann Dunham.  Ann Durham always spoke highly of Barack Obama, Sr., admiring him for his anti Western and colonial stance, portraying him as a man of principle and conviction who did not compromise his values.  The overall theme of the movie is how Barack Obama, Jr. adopted what he perceived to be an anti-western, anti-colonial perception that shapes his presidency and his political philosophy.

Only later in his adult life does Barack Obama hear, from one of his half sisters, that the idealized father he imagined did not match up with the actual man.  Obama's sister describes a bitter angry alcoholic, who raged at how his life had turned out in Kenya.  This revelation, while disturbing to young Obama, does not make him abandon his father and mother's political principles.

None of this is new for people who have paid attention to Barack Obama's history.  Connections to Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, and Jeremiah Wright are explored, as surrogate fathers who helped shape develop and harden young Obama's political identity.  D'Souza uses Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father, as the structure of the story.  Revealing factual incidents in Obama's life are lifted directly from DFMF.  D'Souza does a good job with the narrative and, unlike Michael Moore, D'Souza (while up front in his own position) plays it fairly strait.  D'Souza is very careful with the facts, and does not stray from Obama's official history.

It will be preaching to the choir to most of you.  There is a lot more that could be said, which is impossible to do in a 90 minute film.  I doubt it will draw large numbers of independents and Democrats to movie theaters (although it is doing well and will be popular with conservatives).  It is the type of movie that might persuade some people who voted for Obama. While I wish it success in the theaters, I hope this movie is out on DVD and Netflix for greater circulation and impact before the 2012 Election.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's poll numbers are plunging!

Down boy! Down! Andrew Sullivan: “Obama is, in my view, the conservative reformist of my dreams”

Andrew Sullivan provides comedy gold with his latest.
Below is a visual representation of how Andrew Sullivan feels about President Barack Obama.

It is good Andrew Sullivan is expressing this love for Barack Obama, because he is not feeling it as much lately.

h/t:  Sister Toldjah! and Protein Wisdom

Democrat Jon Corzine is a criminal and should absolutely be prosecuted...

Even if Eric Holder and Barack Obama will not do it (Corzine is still a top campaign bundler for Barack Obama), I hope this report from Gateway Pundit happens:

This should be a major issue for this campaign.  What a conflict of interest.  Holder should be going to jail too.  Allen West advises us to talk about Democrat Party extremism.  He is spot on correct!  

Lance Armstrong facing loss of his seven Tour De France titles...

Lance Armstrong may lose all his titles today...
Red State wonders why the effort to go after Armstrong.  So is Lance Armstrong a Republican?  What other explanation could there be for this prosecution effort?
Hot Air:  Thanks a lot USADA

Update:  Why the USADA cannot be trusted.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When I grow up I want to be...

Dream big kids!

And just look what is in store for you when you head off to college!  Well beyond the crushing debt burden.

h/t:  Moe Lane and Red State

American girls are easy!

Hooking Up 101
The Atlantic has a story on the hook up culture scene and how it is being driven by women. 
Men tally “f*** points” on their frat-house bulletin boards. Women who sleep with “too many” men are called “houserats” or “lax­titutes” (a term of art denoting women who sleep with several guys on the lacrosse team) or are deemed “HFH,” meaning “hot for a hookup” but definitely not for anything more. The hookup culture, writes Bogle, is a “battle of the sexes” in which women want relationships and men want “no strings attached.”
So there we have it. America has unseated the Scandinavian countries for the title of Easiest Lay. We are, in the world’s estimation, a nation of prostitutes. And not even prostitutes with hearts of gold.
This is nothing new, Tom Wolfe has been talking about it for years and one of the enduring themes of Mad Men has been how that the arrival of the pill in the early sixties set all of this in motion. But The Atlantic article is interesting and also depressing:
The sexual culture may be more coarse these days, but young women are more than adequately equipped to handle it, because unlike the women in earlier ages, they have more-important things on their minds, such as good grades and intern­ships and job interviews and a financial future of their own. The most patient and thorough research about the hookup culture shows that over the long run, women benefit greatly from living in a world where they can have sexual adventure without commitment or all that much shame, and where they can enter into temporary relation­ships that don’t get in the way of future success.
Will there be a backlash to all of this?  Undoubtedly. Our biology is bigger than this myopic view of success.   Smitty of The Other McCain noted something profound last week.  Bob Belvedere commented on it too.

Instapundit also notes that nature has a way of responding to a vacuum.  Morality does not seem so old fashioned when it butts up to reality. And they have to pay for the privilege of this brave new world.  I guess this is "winning."

h/t: Ann Althouse on the Atlantic story.

This perversion of the American dream starts when they are young.
Instapundit: The rise and fall of sexual promiscuity 

Awkward moments in television news: Canoodle does not mean "chat."

Words have specific meanings:  use them carefully!

Debbie Wasserman Shultz does not let Paul Ryan use "We're Not Gonna Take It" for campaign song...

Debbie Wasserman Shultz:  you're not gonna take it!  
Like Allen West said:  She is not a lady!
Democrats Dumping Debbie:  Democrats have decided Dirty Debbbie is getting dumped from the DNC chair regardless of whether Obama wins or loses.  She is, despite having a pretty face and charming personalty, alienating and scaring voters and donors (as well as children and animals).

Meanwhile Dirty Debbie is taking $30,000 cruises and not explaining how she paid for it--did she get a comp upgrade from the cruise company?   This is apparently how Debbie stays in touch with the 99%.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz is called out as a liar by Anderson Cooper
Debbie Wasserman Shultz called out as an extremist
More from The Rio Norte Line
Ann Althouse
Hot Air

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Niall Ferguson responds to his critics on why President Barack Obama is not worthy of reelection.

If you hate Obamacare, then the GOP really needs to take back the Senate

CAC at Ace of Spades and Sister Toldjah note the Senate is still in play.  Obviously GOP taking the Senate majority is critical to reversing Obamacare.  So help out if you can (dig deep):
You do not want Harry Reid as Senate majority leader again...
MONTANA- Rehberg
OHIO- Mandel

And if you think the GOP screwed the pooch and mishandled things, dig deep for this guy too:

CONNECTICUT-Mahon  (Holy Cow!)  h/t to Pablo at PW