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Rashomon (Akira Kurosawa, 1950) and Trayvon Martin

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

Per Indio Hicks suggestion...  ask and you shall receive.  

The B52's - Legal Tender

In 1951 the CIA laced French bread with LSD?

Sacre Bleu!
Although it might explain a lot too!

Bob Shrum Predictions on prediction is Shrum passes out from hyperventilation

Democrat Political Consultant Bob Shrum
Showing His Number of Wins
Someone get Bob Shrum a paper bag before he hyperventilates and passes out.    I do not profess this is in the bag and that the Court will over turn Obamacare (although I hope they do so).  It will come down to Anthony Kennedy and which way he goes.  If the Supreme Court does not over turn this law, we must continue to try to get this legislation removed.  Beyond being unconstitutional, Obamacare is a fiscal and policy abomination (and I do not use that term lightly) that will cause far more harm than good.  Given our massive fiscal woes and liabilities, the last thing this country needs is an expansion of medical entitlements.  The Democrats, overly confident going into these hearings, came out in full panic mode.

If their fears turn out confirmed, the spin from the left that this somehow helps President Obama is wrong.  The main reason more than 50% of voters oppose it.  Having the crown jewel of President Obama's domestic legislation fail because it was poorly drafted will be a "Big F'n Deal" but it will not be a victory for President Obama...
James Carville is wrong on this too...
There is a grain of truth in this nonsense.  Obamacare is so bad that if it does stand, and goes into effect, historically the Democrats will wear this albatross around their necks (not one Republican voted for it).  All other entitlement programs had broad bi-partisan support.  That alone should give you pause.  It will make health care more expensive and less effective.   It is intended over time to drive private insurance out of the market and to become a single payer system.    You may say (if you are a Progressive) "Great, what is wrong with that?"  The problem is the government is so over extended now, Medicare is completely underwater, Social Security is just getting by, that we really cannot afford this.  And what you will end up with is "free" health care that does not cover transplants, cancer treatments, chronic diseases, etc.  The damage the Democrats will do to the country in the process will be enormous.

So I hope the Supreme Court does the right thing.  

B52s Summer of Love

The B 52's - Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland

तालिबान लड़की सेनानियों Taliban Girl Fighters طالبان لڑکی جنگجوؤ ںفتاة من مقاتلي طالبان

آپ کی بہن بہت بدسورت ہے

Taliban Girl Fighters

तालिबान लड़की सेनानियों
القاعدہ ان کے افغان خواتین بالوں والے پسند کرتا ہے

تنظيم القاعدة يحب النساء الافغان شعر

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This made me verklempt : Little six legged calf in Swizerland

Roseann Barr tweets home address for George Zimmerman's parents...

Nasty and Vicious
Reckless Endangerment?  
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Manipulating images:  A picture says a thousand words
Trayvon Martin Rashomon 
Whatever actually happened in the Martin case — and we still don’t know the whole truth of it — it’s a bad thing for an unarmed kid to get shot.But the liberals insisted on portraying this incident with a certain slant: Saint Trayvon, innocent martyr to racism, with George Zimmerman portrayed as being incited to violence by right-wing talk radio.
Neither basic element of that narrative was accurate...

The War on Wisconsin

Michelle Malkin has the details and Sarah Palin's call to arms...

How about lefty radio host John "Sly" Sylvester accusing Republican Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch 
of performing felatio and "pulling a train."   

Funny, I do not recall any feminists or advertisers expressing outrage over that?  Is there a different standard for Republicans like Rush Limbaugh vs. Democrats like John "Sly" Sylvester?  

American Thinker:  The Importance of Wisconsin
The left is expending more than just money.  It is frittering away credibility and the power of intimidation... if the left throws every single weapon it can at Wisconsin Republicans and yet cannot prevent a conservative agenda from becoming law, then the left must know that it is vulnerable everywhere to conservatives who do not back down.  If this last desperate effort of the power-mongers of leftism fails, then their whip may become a wet noodle, and the whole corrupt syndicate of leftism may completely unravel.  Watch Wisconsin.

Separated at Birth: Charles Johnson and ...?

Separated at Birth: Tabitha Hale and...?

Tabatha Hale
Queen of BlogCon
Muriel Heslop
Queen of Porpoise Spit


Panic at the White House and with the Democrats...

You can smell the fear!  
Democrats are starting to hit the panic button, as this Washington Post article makes clear.  While a few publicly say that a Supreme Court rejection would make for good politics for Barack Obama and other Democrats in the fall election, most understand privately that losing the entire bill or even just the mandate would be a huge political embarrassment...
Don Surber has more on how much Obama has spent politically...
Zero votes in support of Obama's budget?
Does anyone really believe Obama gets stronger if Obamacare is gutted or struck down?
Gasoline prices expected to rise all summer...
The lifeboats are in the water over the Obamacare mandates...
Jim DeMint:  Barack Obama is irresponsible and cowardly...
John Podhoretz:  Liberals in Shock!
Wretchard:  Nice court you have there, it would be a shame if something happened to it...

Republicans certainly have our own problems.  The Supreme Court could uphold Obamacare.  Winning the Senate and White House will not be easy.  The Democrats will act like cornered sewer rats in the general election...  But let's not panic like a bunch of Democrats.  

101 years ago...the Triangle Shirt Fire, Greenwich Village, New York, NY, March 25, 1911

Soledad O'Brien : With her attitude and dropping ratings she would be a perfect fit at MSNBC!

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RIP Earl Scruggs : Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Arlen Specter On Mitt Romney: His Positions Change More Than A Porn Star

That is a visual image I really did not need.
h/t:  The Corner

Magic beans of goodness...chocolate helps you lose weight!

Man saved from mountain lion attack by a helpful bear?

Treating her to a nice lunch or dinner might be an appropriate reward...
Man claims mountain lion attack stopped by intervening bear?
Recommended reading:  The Beast in the Garden

Obama-Wan Kenobi and Obamacare...

Andrew Dickey- Black Bike Vol. 1 (wow)

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Lord of the Mandates: All our hopes now lie with two little Hobbits... Which one is Anthony Kennedy?

So the fate of Middle Earth the United States is now is in the hand of Anthony Kennedy and which way he goes on this issue?    Update:  Is Sotomayor one of the ring bearers too?  Either Obamacare is cast into the firery depths of Mount Orodruin in Modor, or this guy below gets unlimited power...

Update:  From Ryan in comments:  "One Mandate to rule them all, One Mandate to find them,
One Mandate to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"
Lord Obama waits
for the SCOTUS decision...

I know who Gollum is....
Separated at birth:
James Carville and...
I cannot tell them apart!
James Carville tries to spin a loss of Obamacare will be a great Democratic victory...  I thought Obamacare was "the Precious"?
Harry Reid has a Gollum quality too...

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Spike Lee: Nasty, Vicious and Inept...

Instapundit notes the obvious:
Nasty, Vicious, and Inept
As Breitbart noted:  The left reveal themselves...
Update: Spike Refuses to Apologize!
Update II:  Spike Lee settles with family...
Do the right thing Spike, get those people to a safe location and make this right...
Richard Fernandez:  The Secret Chord
Sister Toldjah  Wretchard and Sister Toldjah have the best writing anywhere (at least that I have seen) on this topic.
VDH:  Tom Wolfe, where are you?
No good turn goes unpunished...

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Rick Santorum speaks out on Zimmerman case...
A Town Called Malice...

  1. There enough to pity on both sides. Zimmerman doesn’t sound like the sharpest knife in drawer. The kind of guy who believes what reads in cereal boxes. I never really felt for Trayvon until I saw the Drudge picture of him wearing the grillz. The gold teeth — dental jewelry — probably of the kind you can buy for $19.95.
    There is something inexpressibly sad about a 17 year old guy whose idea of flair is grillz. It’s like cheap hair cream and costume jewelry, a confession of innocence within a package of malice. I have a son of about the same age and even though he’s accounted smart and though perhaps I was myself accounted smart at that age, what does a man know at 17? Enough to hurt somebody else. And maybe he would have become some kind of thug, and maybe he would have turned away and maybe joined the Marine Corps or something, but nobody will know that now.
    On the level of individual human beings the thing was a tragedy for both. And I, for one, am glad I don’t have to judge one man or the other. That’s what judges and juries do best.
    But the whole media food fight went on without needing to refer to details. This entire brouhaha happened on the level of narrative, myth, kuryente — whatever you want to call it. Everybody already knew what they needed to know.
    The whole thing will die down in a couple of weeks and Trayvon will still be dead. Maybe Al Sharpton will have a few more bucks in his pocket. What will he do with it, what does a man like that do with money anyway? Other than that, the world will keep on turning as though it never happened.
    How has humanity made it this far, I wonder? And for that I don’t really need to look as far Trayvon or Zimmerman. Sometimes I only have to look as far as my own heart. But I remember that for reasons that escape me, all the great religions hold that we are not a lost cause. There must be some good in us, I guess, but as Michael Shaara once wrote, “if man is angel, then he’s a killer angel”.

Obamacare : This Law Looks Like It's Going To Be Struck Down

Vodka Pundit:  This was a train wreck for the [Obama] Administration...
Bill Jacobson has more here...
I would not get overly excited about this (at least not yet).  Yes it is good news.  We should be cautiously optimistic.  But some reports express some doubts of Kennedy being as hostile as Toobin suggests.  If the Supreme Court does throw Obamacare out completely, wonderful.  But a compromise could happen (say the individual mandate being thrown out)--which could create a real mess.  Still, given the difficulties in trying to remove this monstrosity legislatively, if the Court does the heavy lifting that will be just fine by me (and no this is not judicial activism because the law is in fact unconstitutional--beyond being a fiscal policy disaster).  

Ann Althouse has been predicting that Obamacare being tossed helps Obama get re-elected. I am not so sure about that and I disagree with her reasoning.  I am sure Obama would try to spin a loss at the Supreme Court that way (vote for me or they will nominate radical religious conservatives to the Supreme Court and take all your rights away...).  Most people do not like Obamacare, so if the Court does tosses it it will only infuriate that segment of voters who were very much for this (and they were already voting for Obama anyway).  Most people would be relieved.  Paul Heroux at the Huffington Post has an article that Republicans might not as urgent on voting for a GOP candidate if Obamacare is off the table...

Here is Ann Althouse's reasoning:  
If the Court takes down the entire Act, it would do Obama a great favor, which is why I'm predicting the Court will do just that. That was my prediction a few weeks ago, reading, not the the existing doctrine, but "the political forces at play and assessing the Court's vulnerability to those forces."
If Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Kennedy vote to strike Obamacare down, does anyone (other than Ann) really think they are doing so to help Barack Obama?  And if this helps Barack Obama, why aren't his allies on the left of the Court going along with striking the law down?  Update II:  Sotomayor, et tu?  Well this is interesting (could Ann be right?)

Ann is also raising her conspiracy theory (which is Team Obama's Solicitor General is intentionally throwing this case).  I am skeptical.  Obama and his lefty backers do not want Obamacare to fail.  Update:  Yet if you go through her comments, they are suggesting the Court might strike the mandate, leaving us with a single payer monstrosity. There is, however, no severance clause in Obamacare.  I agree a partial strike down would be a giant mess.  Let's hope the Supremes do the right thing and kill this.

In the words of Joe Biden, however, Obamacare getting struck down would be a big F'n deal.  Here's hoping for good things to happen.

The Other McCain reminds us we are paying the SG to try to steal our liberty...
Hot Air:  Carville argues that Obama losing his "Big F'n Deal" would be his greatest victory evah...who does he think Obama is? Obi Wan Kenobi?  
Harry Reid has a Gollum quality too...

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Obama Hawking Hoodies? Never let a crisis go to waste...

GOP not conservative enough! When Joe Scarborough is saying that you know how bad things are...

I am not a Joe Scarborough fan.  He is a sellout and a panderer for the left (generally) on MSNBC.  But every now and again he says something true.   In this clip, Joe Scarborough is wrong about Tea Party Republicans (it is Boehner and the Establishment GOP who are to blame), but generally this is right, the GOP is not conservative enough.  Here is another link on Politico.  

Mad Men Season 5 : Don's Birthday Song...

Cocktail of the Night: The Obama White Russian

He wants it to sneak up on you...

1 oz vodka
½ oz coffee liqueur
1 oz heavy cream

Pour vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream 
into cocktail glass. 
Stir well.

Voices of Reason and Restraint...Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant speaks out against racial hate speech by some black pundits

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Barack Obama confides he will be "more flexible" after being re-elected...

Gilligan's Island: Why did they never managed to get rescued?

Ginger vs Mary Ann Pie Fight (Director's Cut)
Get More: Ginger vs Mary Ann Pie Fight (Director's Cut)
h/t: Trooper York

Separated at Birth: Dick Cheney and...?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rick Santorum calls Trayvon Martin's shooter George Zimmerman "malicious"

Hey Rick Santorum, how about innocent until proven guilty?  I am still completely unsure what happened that night.  Perhaps George Zimmerman is a bad guy.  Perhaps not.  But Rick Santorum just engaged in pandering worse than Barack Obama's with this prejudging of what is in George Zimmerman's heart and mind.  How about we get some more facts before we decide what happened that night?  
When Rick Santorum has lost Zilla of the Resistance, he is in serious trouble.   Here is Zilla's comment at Michelle Malkin's Twitchy site.  We do not know enough to judge the Zimmerman-Martin case either way yet.
Spike Lee did not do the right thing.  And neither did Rick Santorum in jumping to conclusions.
And while we are discussing this:  Why is the media referring to George Zimmerman as a "White"Hispanic?
Instapundit has some links.  More here.

Does Rick Santorum have a conflict of interest?
Do any right-thinking people not grasp that the media frenzy has nothing whatsoever to do with justice, and everything to do with power?
College expels George Zimmerman
Trayvon Martin tweets... Still Obama's son?  

Mariana Trench Challenger Deep Revisted! First solo dive to this depth. Deepest spot of the ocean has been visited less than the moon.

Congratulations James Cameron!
This is a big deal.  
His depth on arrival: 35,756 feet (10,898 meters)—a figure unattainable anywhere else in the ocean.
Here is more info from the Pacific Daily News in Hagatna, Guam
More from the Huffington Post
Daily Mail has lots of interesting graphics and photographs

Update:  How Deep did James Cameron go?  This deep!   (diagram showing depths)

Mark Steyn ruining my weekend...again! The United States' debt levels are worse than Greece