Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ann Althouse says Walter Brennan "Stumpy" sounds like Ron Paul?

Ann Althouse says she thinks Ron Paul sounds like Walter Brennan.  What do you think?


  1. Ann Althouse says she thinks Ron Paul sounds like Walter Brennan. What do you think?

    Walter Brennan is one of the voice impressions I learned to do by watching Rich Little as a teen (along with J-J-Jimmy Stewart, The Duke, Richard Nixon, Rod Serling and others from that era). The Rod Serling voice is always a big hit at Disneyland during momentary lulls in the "Tower of Terror" ride.
    Too bad we're not technically evolved enough here so I could leave a recorded comment in Brennan voce here.

  2. A comment of mine just deleted on Althouse:

    "Here's the proper way to deal with crocs: link"

  3. I liked your cartoon clip. Why did she delete it? Did she deem it off topic or something (the boat captain is supposed to be Australian, but sounds sort of like Cary Grant)?

    Of course, you have to know your place chickenlittle when you post over at Ann's place!

  4. It may have just gone spam. It was the second comment, after rhhardin's, for a moment. No harm. I made my own blog post out of it.

    I loved "Jonny Quest" as a kid. I bought the first season CD and passed the legacy onto my own kids.

  5. Pat Buttram (now there's a name) who was the voice of Mr Haney on "Green Acres" was another favorite.

    The Disney version of "Robin Hood" has an all-star cast of voices from that era.

  6. Oh, great Bugs Bunny riff!

    This one reminds me of Titus' and Troop's beauty salon preening talk lately.

  7. That is a great bugs. I bet Titus would like that almost as much as Portlandia.

  8. Oh I saw the crocodile bungee post over at Althouse. The Johnny Q post is perfect for that. I suspect you are right, it just got spam filtered. I doubt Ann has any animus to Johnny Quest and I bet Meade actually likes the cartoon.


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