Friday, December 30, 2011

Where in the world is Keith Olbermann?

Don't Tell Anyone!  Hush, hush and on the down low!
Keith Olbermann (Special Video Link)

Keith Olbermann benched?   (Is Olbermann the Milton Bradley of political punditry?)

Keith "Black Swan" Olbermann and Al "ManBearPig" Gore not all hugs and kisses any more?

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Update:  Sounds like Dumpsville for Keith Olbermann at least per this Ace of Spades HQ post.

Lock-Out? Keith Olbermann Says He's Been Informed He Won't Be On Tonight
The proper conjugation is: snit, snitted, had snat. Or, en Deutsche, haben geschnitten.
Now why would he have announced he was on his way to his office earlier, if he had an inkling that he wouldn't be permitted on air?
My guess (just a guess) is that it's a legal maneuver, an attempt to show that, despite whatever draaaamaa his previous snittings caused, he was now ready to work as scheduled, and was only being barred by a management which is Legally At Fault and In Breach of Contract.
Or else he's just griefing and creating more drama.
Honestly I don't know.
What I do know is that Keith Olbermann has more draaamaaa and moments of truth than the new reality series about women's biological cycles I'm pitching to Lifetime, called Menses Frenzies.
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So as not to mislead: I am informed Countdown will not be on tonight. I must defer on all questions to @JoelHyatt @AlGore and @Current

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