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Friday, November 26, 2021

Never Forget The Waukesha Massacre 🤔😡



Why is the media trying to memory hole or distort what happened at Waukesha?  It was an intentional act intended to kill as many as possible. It happened because woke progresive Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisholm released a known dangerous felon on $1,000 bail and gave him back the SUV (allegedly used a few days before to run down the mother of his child) that he then used to mow down innocents at Waukesha. Whether it was madness or terrorism (or as I suspect both, with some BLM woke agitation mixed in), this event was completely avoidable. Families mourn tonight thanks to our feckless leaders. Hold them accountable

EBL: Waukesha Christmas Parade Dead, RIP 🙏🤯😡 and the Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisholm and those responsible in his office have blood on their hands 👏 and Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack 😢😠😡🙏

Instapundit: Neo: Down The Memory HoleBurying the StoryMedia attention wanes as death toll mounts, Government failureSurviving Progressives, and Evil SUV

NY Post: 9th Child Discharged From Hospital One Week After Waukesha Christmas Terrorist Massacre

Daily Wire: Biden Has No Plans to Visit Victims of Attack on Christmas Parade in Waukesha

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