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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Arbery Trial Verdicts: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty


Legal Insurrection: Arbery Case Verdict

Law of Self Defense: Final Thoughts

I am not surprised by the guilty verdicts for the McMichaels, but I thought Byran had some good defense arguments. While I can sympathize defending property (Ahmaud Arbury was almost certainly not some innocent jogger), it is a very bad idea to chase down a suspect over a property crime with a firearm. It is not the same situation as self defense. 

Andrew Branca missed most of this trial due to the Rittenhouse matter, but he did cover the closings. I am sure there will be an appeal. We will see how that goes.  

EBL: Ahmaud Arbury case and the danger of taking the law into your own hands...

Instapundit: Ahmaud Arbury Case Verdict

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