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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Why Victor Davis Hanson Left National Review


Real Clear Politics: Victor Davis Hanson explains why he left...

It is not so much VDH left NR, but NR left VDH...

National Review is dead. It mostly died when WFB, Jr. passed away (although certainly in decline before that) and later when it abandoned Mark Steyn. And while I thought WFB, Jr. was a hero (like Rush Limbaugh did), you have to ask why so many alumni from NR betray conservative ideals. From David Brooks on down they tend to be the most craven sort of whores (happy to take a check to betray conservatism, regardless of who is in office). True conservatives from National Review?  There are a few, but not many. The whole #NeverTrumper hissy fit ultimately destroyed what was left of NR. VDH is better freelancing on his own.  

The only good thing you can say about National Review now is it is not quite as bad as William Kristol and the Weekly Standard (although NR alumni David French is right up there). It has essentially hit the same reef and the ship is taking on water fast. #Ahoy.

RedState was almost just as bad as the Weakly Standard, until Salem purged it.

AoSHQ: Morning Report 10.06.21


  1. Not sure if that went thru.. broke link on Jonah Goldberg only steals from the best...


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