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Monday, October 4, 2021

Lt. Col. Scheller Rejects Trump's Help, Will he get to keep the $2.2 million raised for him?


"Would rather sit in jail" than accept help from Donald Trump...

Strange strategy. Criticize every politician, including the one who offers assistance. Enjoy the Brig.

I am still glad Lt.Col. Scheller stood up for Marines that were betrayed during Biden's Afghanistan retreat. But if someone tries to help you, you shouldn't spit in their face. Be gracious. He could say he want to be apolitical (which would have been fine) and leave it at that. Scheller is alienating all his potential allies and just making enemies. Strange strategy.  

The Federalist: Pentagon Investigating Marine Combat Veteran For Shaking Trump’s Hand At Rally

EBL: Marine who saved baby under investigation now...Separated by Karma: General Milley and Lt. Col. Stewart Scheller, and Biden's World

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  1. Obama's people got to him; probably threatened his family.


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