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Friday, October 22, 2021

Dune 2021: A Review

Overall I recommend it. Without any coddling or much explanation, it follows the general plot book and original movie fairly closely with some exceptions (plot wise mostly for the better). The plus is this movie flows far better than the original (mainly because Denis Villeneuve, unlike David Lynch, didn't have Dino DeLaurentis screwing up the production and editing) and this full length movie is just half of the movie. This is too much epic material for a regular length movie. Visuals in this film are really stunning. 

The minuses is Lady Jessica casting! Come on, Rebecca Ferguson is no Francesca Annis (even if some of her acting was a bit much). Also, Doctor Kynes is played by Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Meh, Max Von Sydow was awesome in that role). 

I watched it again and it is a very decent adaptation (not perfect, but very good). I cannot believe they did not film this all at one time. If it were greenlit now it would be years before we saw the end.  

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