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Monday, September 27, 2021

George Frayne aka Commander Cody, RIP

Instapundit: Commander Cody, RIP

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  1. I met this guy in 1980.I was working for a car rental company and he had rented the car for the band to use while they were in town.He told me he was the band's manager,and laughed,because nobody recognized him at the rental counter(Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO did the same thing a few months later).Then he tried for a couple of minutes to buy my tie.He said he'd been doing that for years,just buying interesting ties off of strangers he met,and offered ten dollars.I'd have done it,but the company owned the tie,and I didn't want to be sent home for the day.Ten dollars wouldn't have substituted for a day's wages.He was nice,very funny,and didn't put on airs or act like a jerk.I wish he was still alive.I'd give him the tie now.from millard fillmore


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